Monday,October 5
About WAO


map of palestinian land loss This website has been designed to provide easy to access information for current WAO supporters as well as women and men who want to learn about the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestinian land and its oppression of the Palestinian people.

The website supports the goal of WAO in that it provides a forum for women especially to make their collective alternative voices on ending the occupation and creating peace in the Middle East better heard.

Visit our website regularly for up to date information about our upcoming events and initiatives and the latest from supporters around the world.

»  Sunday, May 23 - Ottawa: Protest Canadian Inaction on the Israeli attacks on Rafah Refugee Camp

» Inquiry after Israeli forces caught using boy as shield

» Bantustan plan for an apartheid Israel. Sharon's separation scheme is doomed to fail once it becomes clear what it means, by Meron Benvenisti

» Pastrami & Champagne, by Roane Carey & Adam Shatz

» Alexa McDonough, Monia Mazigh attend WIB/WAO vigil , by Linda Belanger

» Last Friday of the Month: Join the monthly vigil against the Occupation

» OTTAWA:, May 20: Benefit Concert in Support of CEPAL

» OTTAWA, May 18 - 21: Cries from the Land

» Questions on anti-semitism, by Uri Averny

» Discordia recalls the battle at Concordia, by Judy Rebick

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